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sea water valves for submarines

SAB produces and develop submarine approved valves for seawater use up to DN200 and PN50. They can be actuated manually or by shock approved hydraulic, pneumatic or electrical actuators with manual override. All valves are shock approved and meet all requirements for submarine valves.

Hull valves

For submarine operations seawater hull valves have a key role for pumping seawater in and out. This processes will allow e.g. accurate maneuvering and diving, cooling of aggregates and many more.
Many navies across the world among other submarine builders are requiring double hull valves in order to provide maximum safety to the submarine and its crew. SAB’s newly developed double hull valves integrate the first and the second hull valve in one cast, x-ray inspected NiAlBz casing, using SAB’s cartridge system. This innovative design makes service and repair extremely easy and quick. This design brings flexibility to the max by allowing interchangeability of valve inserts like piston valve inserts, kingston valve insets, regulating valve inserts, return valve inserts, all of them equipped with manual, electrical, pneumatic or electrical drives.
SAB can also supply the full range of sea water first and second hull valves up to DN 300 and PN 50 in different configurations on customer’s request.

Piston valves

Pressure balanced high performance valves are required to ensure that the crew can operate the submarine from the surface operation to max. diving depth operations even in critical and hectically situations.
Our high pressure submarines valves comes with a piston made of high performance synthetic material which is fully corrosion resistant. As a highlight, our soft seat rings can be exchanged without replacement the piston. In addition, the metal seat from the valve body can be replaced easily.


Flow rate control valve for automatically controlling a constant flow rate with varying inlet pressures .



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