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duplex filter f311

The Duplex Filter F311 is a multi-purpose filter for liquid media. It is characterized by continuous operation during the cleaning phase as well as a high degree of filtration down to very low microns. As a special feature, the maintenance and strainer access can be optimized by choosing different filter cover solutions.
The degree of contamination can be optionally monitored with various differential pressure indicators. Further options, for example magnetic inserts or the sacrificial anode enable an application-specific customization.


The Duplex Filter consists of two single filters which are connected via a flanged switch-over device (A300) and can be operated alternately or in parallel. The filter size DN65 has an integrated switch-over device. The standard filter design consists of a cast housing and a cover which is fixed either with a clam bloc, lever lock or with stud bolts and nuts. Venting devices in the covers and draining devices in the housing are included in the scope of supply.
The filter is equipped with a basket or ring-type strainer. The medium to be filtered flows through the strainer from the inside to the outside. The strainer is made out of a perforated plate which can be covered optionally with mesh in different mesh sizes. A rotary vane is used to switch between the filters which ensures an easy changeover even for the larger filter sizes. In case the filter is installed on the suction side, the rotary vane shall be equipped with a lock.

Further options and customer specific solutions are available upon request.

In- / outlet
DN25 – DN300 (DIN, ANSI)
Operating medium
Housing Material
GGG50 (DN 80-150)
Design pressure
6 bar, 10 bar, 16 bar
Volume flow
max. 610 m3/h
Strainer insert
Basket strainer
Ring-type strainer
Grade of filtration
80 – 1000 µm (fabric / perforated plate)
≥ 1 mm (perforated plate)
10 – 60 µm (upon request)
Differential pressure indicator
Sacrificial anode
Magnetic insert
Filter support




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